Cafe Sopra (Fratelli Fresh) – Italian Food Magic

A friend from out of town (Brisbane) was visiting Sydney so I suggested we catch up over dinner at the relatively newly opened Cafe Sopra (Fratelli Fresh) on Bridge St – I had been dying to check it out.

We arrived at 6.30pm and were quite lucky to get a bar seating straight away. By 7.30/8pm there was a sizeable line for a Wednesday night. Being seated at the bar was interesting, we got to see the chefs do their thing.

The menu is very extensive, there’s the long blackboard menu but also a pizza menu as well. We decided to get the fennel salad with reggiano, lettuce and radish, the prawn spaghetti pasta and the caramelised leek and pancetta pizza.

Surprisingly the food came out very quickly but unfortunately our first order was incorrect – we were given the insalata caprese instead of the fennel salad. The service at Cafe Sopra on Bridge St is very hectic, I felt that we weren’t looked after or attended to and we were left having to fight to get the waiter’s attention. It was also disappointing that our waiter on the night tried to prove to us that we ordered the insalata caprese instead of the fennel salad and  reprimanded us on what we were supposed to say when ordering the fennel salad i.e. mention the word fennel when ordering. And if you were wondering, the insalata caprese was taken away – I wonder who ate it in the end…

However despite the poor service, the food true to Fratelli Fresh form was really tasty. The fennel salad was fresh, the toppings on the pizza were a great combination (I loved the mozzarella) and the prawn spaghetti was moreish.

It was a great night but could have been even better if the service was improved.

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